Multi-Family Housing
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Multi-Family Brokerage & Investments Services

Our extensive focus in the brokerage of multi-family investments apartment communities, student housing, and mixed-use properties throughout Philadelphia and the northeast region of the United States has allowed us to better understand and more effectively communicate the challenges and opportunities posed by each category of multi-family investment.

Over 50 Years of Multi-family Investment Sales & Experience

Our entire decision-making process, ranging from evaluating an initial business concept to market selection and project execution, is driven by facts rather than ungrounded projections. As a result, on-the-ground, real-time information gathering and validation have long been core components of our business planning and operations, and have mitigated the risk of market fluctuations.

Property Types

• Institutional Properties
• Student Housing
• Bond and Tax Credit Communities

• Value-Added, Rehab & Distressed Communities
• REO & Distressed Assets
• New-Construction

• Research & Valuation Services
• Consulting & Advisory Services
• Property Management Services